Saturday, September 6, 2014


Sheesh! I thought I'd never get back to you guys! Between creating TPT products and going back to work, I've literally only had time to sleep! Oh how I've missed you all!

It's the beginning of September so you know what that means...September CURRENTLY! I'm linking up with the FANTASTIC Mrs. Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade...let's get this party started!

Listening: I'm one of those people who is ALWAYS thinking, and not just about one thing; random thoughts run back to back through my head - funny things, memories, worries, ideas, lists, goals, etc. I don't think my mind rests unless I'm sleeping.

Loving: OMG! I am soooooooo in L.O.V.E with my new blog design! Do y'all like it? Christi Fultz over at Design by Christi designed it for me and it's exactly what I envisioned! Christi is an AWESOME blog designer guys and VERY affordable, VERY sweet, and VERY punctual. If you're shopping for a new design I recommend you work with her...thanks Christi!

Thinking: Seriously...I have SO much stuff to do this weekend! Lesson/classroom planning, TPT product completion and creation, blogging, study, house cleaning, QT with my family...sigh...I love all these things (except house cleaning) but Lord I'm tired! LOL

Wanting: I graduated with my M.Ed. in literacy last December and now I'm preparing to take my Reading Specialist certification. I want to pass it the first time I take it because it's expensive and I have a certain time frame in which to take it...there's a lot going on in my life right now though (all good things...I'm blessed and highly favored) so please pray for me!

Needing: Uhhh...did you read all of the things in my "Thinking" section? Yeah...REALLY need those 8 hours...LOL.

3 Trips: "I don't want to go to Paris..." said nobody EVER! LOL Oui! Oui! Sign me up...I heard it's BEAUTIFUL! Hawaii...I've wanted to visit this place since I was a kid. I can tell, just from pictures I've seen and shows I've watched, that it's absolutely breathtaking. I'm almost positive I'll be visiting it one day via a cruise ship! New, I've really never been there. I think I may be the only one of my friends who hasn't...hmph! I don't want to stay long...up North is waaaaaaaay too cold for me, but I do want to see Ground Zero and this "city that never sleeps" for myself.

Well, time for me to continue tackling my to-do list, but I'll be back tomorrow with my very first GIVEAWAY and a First Two Weeks Funny! Until then, later educators! :)


  1. I absolutely love the new blog design! The gingham pattern is my fave and gives your blog a unique design I haven't seen elsewhere! I thought I stopped by your blog to comment already because I grabbed your button and added it to my page, but September has been a busy one, and October doesn't look any better. Lol. I hope you can check out the Halloween Bash Blog Hop and Giveaway via my Page. Thanks!
    Teacher Ms H Halloween Bash

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